The J.A.X. Chronicles

Name: ???
Codename: X
Height: 6’ 10”
Birthday: December 7th
Weapons: .45 Desert Eagle
Transportation: Black Crysler 300


He’s enigmatic and charismatic but never let your guard down because he doesn’t. Although X would rather not hurt you, give him a reason and you won’t live to regret your mistake.

Recruited by Ace, the ex-marine sniper took the job to help with his financial problems. Despite having a knack for the profession, the gentle giant’s true skill lies in the kitchen where he cooks for the team. But when praised for his culinary skills the closet comic book geek likes to reply, “It’s one of my super powers.”

J.A.X. Chronicles: Initiation – Book 1

J.A.X. Chronicles: Collection – Book 2

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