The J.A.X. Chronicles

Name: Samantha Anne Withers
Codename: Jinx
Height: 5’6”
Birthday: May 19th
Weapons: Twin Sphinx AT3000, 20” daggers
Transportation: “Roxie” Honda CBR 600RR


The self-labeled “Psycho Bitch”, Jinx has always been a little “off” compared to others around her. But you would be too if you witnessed your mom get raped and beaten to death right in front of you at the tender age of eight. In a way, maybe she blamed herself for not being strong enough to help.

Since then she became obsessed with getting stronger, taking martial arts and teaching herself to shoot her father’s gun.

As a young girl she promised herself that she would never let herself be in a situation she was helpless to get out of. The training paid off when out of nowhere several male classmates attacked her in a scenario eerily similar to the one she witnessed as a young child. She brutally took down her attackers declaring that she would never become a victim.

As fate would have it, X (an established hitman) witnessed the events unfold and out of pure curiosity decided to see how things played out. Impressed by the raw talent he was seeing in Samantha, he immediately approached her about meeting his employer. Jinx easily transitioned into the life of Hitman, justifying it as vigilante justice, because in her mind there wouldn’t be a contract out for you unless you deserved to die.

J.A.X. Chronicles: Initiation – Book 1

J.A.X. Chronicles: Collection – Book 2

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