The J.A.X. Chronicles

Name: ???
Codename: Ace
Height: 6’ 2”
Birthday: The last person who asked is still missing
Weapons: Smith and Wesson 500, .50 Magnum Revolver, Katana
Transportation: Red Maserati


Who Is Ace?

That’s a dangerous question.

Not only does he never reveal more information than is necessary to achieve a goal, sometimes just asking the question could bring a premature end to your life.

He’s unapologetically ruthless, cunning and brilliant.

There’s a reason this man is the most sought after hitman in the world and at the same time runs the world’s greatest advertising agency. Feared and respected in both the underworld and normal society Ace masterfully puppeteers both worlds to his advantage. You don’t refuse Ace. Try and break away from his control and there will be no correcting that mistake.

J.A.X. Chronicles: Initiation – Book 1

J.A.X. Chronicles: Collection – Book 2

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